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Activist Tool Kit - California

Letters to the Editor are an important way to raise the issue of wireless infrastructure in your community. Here are two templates you can use as a guide to write your own. Make sure you include the name of your organization and your website or social media page (or refer to Americans for Responsible Technology) so that people can learn more about the issue. If you do get your letter published, share it widely on your social media or send us a copy and we'll make sure others see it too! 

Speaking at town or city meetings is another critical way to bring the issue forward. Every regular Board or Council or Trustee meeting usually has a time for citizens to speak about  issues important to them, and we've prepared some sample remarks you can use. The purpose is to do two critical things:

(1) Make sure your local government officials know what's going on, and how it will impact their budgets. Ask them to write letters or make phone calls to state representatives opposing these bad telecom bills, 

(2) Pin the responsibility for these bills directly on your state elected officials by name. Get it into the public record that they are responsible.

Sample Script #3

Setting up direct meetings with your state elected officials can be critical to our success. They need to hear directly from their constituents about why these bills matter. Make sure you have your talking points down, keep your meeting focused and polite, ask directly if the legislator will vote against the bad bills. No matter the answer, don't get angry or raise your voice. Thank him/her for their time and say you'll hope they'll reconsider. For more information and tips about successful lobbying, please read our primer

Lobbying Primer.png
CA Kids Flyer pic.png

General Interest Flyer

This flyer was designed to be used by any group in California fighting against these bad telecom bills. Add your own logo and call to action, or contact us and we can do it for you.. 

These are just some of the many helpful tools we have developed to help you advocate for safe and responsible technology solutions in your own community. Please see our full ART Tool Kit for more materials and ideas. 

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