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The ART Store is closed
(but you can still get all the stuff!)

All of our materials are free for our supporters, but there are some that are not easily replicable and all of them cost money to manufacture or print. We encourage you to make a donation to cover our costs of printing or manufacturing and shipping. You can order by emailing, or calling us at (516) 883-0887. 

Booklet picture.png

Our 2nd Edition 19-page annotated booklet traces the history of the science linking exposure to wireless radiation with human health problems, from the Second World War to the present day.

The booklet is intended for federal, state and local decision makers and their legislative aides; designed to counter telecom industry claims that there is no science to justify concerns re wireless radiation health risks.


View a preview of the booklet here.

Wireless Radiation: An Undeniable Risk
to Human Health

Suggested donation $13.00 for 5 copies
Cell Phone Card Pic.png
BSP Brochure pic.png
Cell Phone Safety Card
Suggested donation: $5.00 for ten cards
The BabySafe Brochure
Suggested donation: $3.5

Our new Cell Phone Safety Card is an easy way to begin the conversation about RF radiation, its potential to cause serious harm, and the easy steps that can be taken to significantly reduce exposure.

On the back side are tips for using technology safely at home. 


For bulk orders, please call our office. 

"The beautiful and awe-inspiring process by which a few cells develop into a new life is truly miraculous. As if following some invisible instructions, the intricate and complex steps for the creation of a new life unfold, forming delicate organs and vital systems and making billions of important connections and patterns in just the brain alone."

From the brochure "What You Need to Know About Wireless Radiation and Your Baby."

Refrigerator or Car Magnets
6 inches wide X 4 inches high • Designed by Ruth and Chet Fennessy-Moss
Suggested donation $8.00 each
5G the next tobacco.png

The wireless industry and the tobacco industry use the same playbook: Spread misinformation about product safety and discredit members of the scientific community who publish damaging research. Perfect for cars, refrigerators, whiteboards, filing cabinets, and more!

Moms say not to 5G.png

Moms are the engine powering the 5G opposition movement around the world. If you're a Mom that doesn't want a 5G wireless antenna outside of your home, then this is the design for you! Perfect for cars, refrigerators, whiteboards, filing cabinets, and more!

5G is not green.png

Studies show that wireless radiation adversely impacts bees, insects, trees, plants, and wildlife. If you're an eco-conscious person, this is the design for you. Perfect for cars, refrigerators, whiteboards, filing cabinets, and more!


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