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We believe in science. Independent, peer-reviewed and published science unencumbered by industry influence is critical to decision-making that is in the best interests of the people. 


We believe in policies that evolve with science. Scientific thought changes as new discoveries are made and old hypotheses are disproved. Government agencies must ensure that policies are updated as science evolves.


We believe we have a moral obligation to protect the next generation. Our children depend on us, and on government leaders, to protect their health, safety, security and well-being, and to place this obligation above all others. 

We believe in local control over the deployment of technology in our neighborhoods. Americans elect local leaders to represent their interests and respond to the unique needs and aesthetics of each community. 


We reject the rush to roll out 5G technology across America. 5G will require a dense network of antennas placed in close proximity to where people live, learn, work and play, emitting radiation 24/7 and exposing families  whether they use the service or not. This involuntary exposure of millions for the benefit of a few private companies is unprecedented and unwarranted. 


We call on our representatives in Washington and in our state capitals to heed the call of independent scientists, medical professionals and public health experts around the world who are warning of the dangers of this technology, and to reject any proposal to use public funds or public property to facilitate the deployment of expanded wireless networks.

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