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The OTARD Emergency

There is a large and growing backlash against 5G technology, especially the hundreds of thousands of new “small cell” antennas that will be placed close to homes, apartments, schools and businesses.


The wireless industry is unhappy about the resistance, and impatient with local zoning codes and public hearings.  They want to start making money from their investment in 5G.


So they’ve convinced the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to let them begin to install powerful 5G antennas on private homes in neighborhoods across America, bypassing all local control and zoning laws.

This action, which we believe is a clear abuse of the FCC’s authority, jeopardizes the safety, security, privacy, property values and health of everyone living nearby, without their permission or even their knowledge.

Help us push back against this action by the FCC.  Ask people to watch our short animated video. Circulate the OTARD Letter and Pledge in your neighborhood. Write a letter to the Editor of your local paper. Share our social media posts within your own circles.


And above all, please call your representatives in Washington and tell them to demand that the FCC repeal its decision on OTARD.



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