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 to Reverse the FCC’s Decision to Allow

5G Antennas on Private Homes

The FCC recently changed its Over-The-Air Reception Device ("OTARD") rule so that telecom corporations can install 5G antennas on private homes and apartment buildings with the permission of the property owner and/or tenant. This virtually eliminates all local government control over antenna installations across the country.


A growing and robust body of independent, peer-reviewed science links exposure to radiofrequency microwave radiation (“wireless radiation”) with serious adverse health impacts. The most extensive study to date was conducted by the National Toxicology Program of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and it proved that exposure to wireless radiation causes cancer.


While individual homeowners or landlords may agree to accept the risks of exposure to high levels of wireless radiation in return for monetary compensation, is it fair to expose other tenants or neighbors to a scientifically proven health hazard without their knowledge or consent?


Please sign this petition if (1) you want our representatives in Washington D.C. to demand that the FCC reverse its recent decision on OTARD, and (2) you would reject any offers from telecom corporations to install a 5G wireless antenna on your property.


Thank you for taking action!

OTARD Petition
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