Americans for Responsible Technology is a voluntary association of organizations and individuals across America who are aligned behind a set of principles regarding the implementation of new communications technologies in North America.

On behalf of our supporters, we seek to influence public policy at all levels of government, consistent with those principles. Current supporting organizations include:

5G Alert Westchester - Westchester, NY

5G Awareness Now - Sacramento, CA

5G Aware Scotts Valley California - Scotts Valley, CA

5G Colorado Action - Denver, CO 

5G Crisis Chicagoland Network, Chicago, IL

5G Free Marin - Marin County, CA

5G Free Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, CA

5G Free Topanga and Beyond - Topanga, CA

5G Free VT - VT

5G Rollout North Texas - McKinney, TX

5G Wake Up Call - New York, NY 

Alliance for Natural Health International 

Arizonians for 5G Awareness - Sedona, AZ - Austin, TX - Austin, TX

Building Biology Institute - Santa Fe, New Mexico.

California Brain Tumor Association - San Francisco, CA

Cellular Phone Task Force - Santa Fe, NM

Center for Safer Wireless - Washington, DC

Centerville Concerned Citizens - Centerville, MA

Citizens For 5G Awareness - Huntington, NY

Citizens for Safe Technoligy, Inc. - Little Rock, AR

Citizens League Encouraging Awareness of Radiation (C.L.E.A.R) - Whidbey Island, WA

Citizens of Tacoma Against 5G Small Cells in Residential Areas - Tacoma, WA

Consumers for Safe Cell Phones - Bellingham, WA

Costa Mesa Advocacy Group - Costa Mesa, CA

Danville Citizens for Responsible Growth - Danville, CA

Durango for Safe Technology - Durango, CO

East Bay Neighborhoods for Responsible Technology - San Francisco, CA

Electrical Pollution - Waterloo, WI - Boulder, CO 

Electromagnetic Radiation Awareness of the Treasure Coast (EMR Awareness) - Vero Beach, FL

Environmental Health Trust - Teton Village, WY

EMF Aware - Santa Cruz, CA

EMF Safety for Vermont - Vermont 

EMF Safety Network - Sebastopol, CA

Families for Safe Meters - Eugene, OR

Freedom to Say No to Smart Meters - Jackson, OR

Friends of Amazon Creek - Eugene, OR

Georgia Against 5G - Georgia 

Georgia for Responsible Technology - Atlanta, GA

Grassroots Environmental Education - Port Washington, NY

Greater Miami Valley 5G Awareness - Dayton, OH

Hempfield Citizens for Safe Schools - Lancaster, PA

Hilltown Health - Charlemont, MA

Idahoans for Safe Technology - Boise, ID

International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology - Clearwater, FL

Iowans for Responsible Technology - De Moines, IA

Keep Cell Antennas Away from Our Elk Grove Homes - Elk Grove, CA

Keep Your Power - Kihei, HI

Kentucky for Responsible Technology - Kentucky

Lamorinda Families for Responsible Technology - Lamorinda, CA

Last Tree Laws - Massachusetts

Lavallette Against Verizon 5G - Lavallette, NJ

Lawrence Citizens for 5G Awareness - Lawrence, KS

Louisiana Smart Meter Opt Out/ 5G Information - Hammond, LA 

Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications - New York, NY

Maryland Smart Meter Awareness - Baltimore, MD

Michigan for Safe Technology - Battle Creek, MI

Minnesota Advocates + Champions for Children - Minnesota

Moms Across America - Mission Viejo, CA

New Hampshire for Safe Technology - Hancock. NH

New York Safe Utility Meter Association (NYSUMA) - Woodstock, NY - Central Point, OR

No Smart Meters 4 Indiana - Merrillville, IN

Ohioans for Responsible Technology - Ohio

Oklahomans for 5G Safety - Oklahoma

Oregon for Safer Technology - Ashland, OR

Oregon Institute for Creative Research - Portland, OR

Palm Beach County Residents for Responsible Technology - Palm Beach, FL

Parents For Safe Technology - Washington DC

Pennsylvanians for Safe Technology - Reading, PA

Protect Tanglewood - Houston, TX

Rhode Islanders for Safe Technology - Kingston, RI

ROAR Laguna Beach - Laguna Beach, CA

Safe Cell Sites for San Clemente - San Clemente, CA

Safer Cellphone and WiFi Project - Chicago, IL

Safe Tech for Santa Rosa - Santa Rosa, CA

Safe Tech Forward - Detroit, MI

SafeTech Kids NC - Fairview, NC

Safe Technology Minnesota - St. Paul, MN

San Antonio Smart Meter Awareness - San Antonio, TX

San Mateo Citizens for a Safe Environment - San Mateo, CA

San Ramon Citizens for Responsible Technology - San Ramon, CA

Smart Meter Education Network - Ann Arbor, MI

Smarter New Jersey - West Milford, NJ

Sonoma Neighbors for Safe Tech - Sonoma, CA

South Carolina Coalition for Wireless Safety Standards - South Carolina

Southwest Ohio for Responsible Tech - Ohio

STL For Safe Technology - St. Louis, MO

Stop 5G Asheville - Asheville, NC

Stop 5G Bellingham - Bellingham, WA

Stop 5G Carlsbad - Carlsbad, CA

Stop 5G Charleston - Charleston, SC

Stop 5G Charlotte - Charlotte, NC

Stop 5G Chicago - Chicago, IL

Stop 5G CT - Connecticut

Stop 5G Easley - Easley, SC

Stop 5G Encinitas - Encinitas, CA

Stop 5G Florida - Miami, FL

Stop 5G Georgia - Atlanta, GA

Stop 5G Greenville - Greenville, SC

Stop 5G Hawaii - Oahu, HI

Stop 5G Hinsdale & Neighbors - Hinsdale, IL

Stop 5G Jax - Jacksonville, FL

Stop 5G Southern Oregon - Southern, OR

Stop OC Smart Meters - Tustin, CA

StopSmartMeters.Org - Portola, CA

Take Back Your Power - Seattle, WA

Tech Wise Takoma Park - Takoma Park, MD

The Ecological Options Network (EON) - Marin County, CA

The Truthsayers - Woodstock, NY

Toxics Information Project - Providence, RI

Triangle Citizens for Safe Technology - Durham, NC

Understanding EMFs - Ashland, MA

We Are The Change Kenosha - Kenosha, WI

We Are the Evidence - New York

Wendy Walks for ES

Weston A. Price Foundation - Westford, MA

Wired Schools - Denver, CO

Wireless Education Action - Portland, OR

Wireless Action - Waukesha, WI

Wisconsin For Safe Technology - Greendale, WI

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