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Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) was originally formed to provide a presence in Washington DC for the growing number of grassroots organizations advocating for safe technology solutions in their communities. We have conducted hundreds of face-to-face meetings with legislators and staff, educating them about the issue of wireless radiation and its impact on human health. 

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Gradually we expanded our mission to include producing professional communications materials for our grassroots partner organizations. A series of national webinars and meetings followed, and we embarked on a social media campaign to reach individuals who shared our concerns about this issue and build public awareness.. 

Today ART is engaged in legal actions against the FDA for its failure to establish science-based human health standards for exposure to RF radiation, and is lobbying for changes to legislation that favors the deployment of wireless broadband over wired. 

ART is a joint project of Grassroots Environmental Education and Grassroots Communications Inc. 

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