We're proud to be part of the effort in California to push back against several pending bills in the legislature that take away local control over the deployment of wireless infrastructure, claim (falsely) to close the "Digital Divide" and shift financial burdens from the wealthiest corporations in the world to the taxpayers of California. 

We are bringing our message directly to legislators, and our grassroots effort includes reaching out to legislators in their districts, engaging the press, and conducting a targeted social media campaign in districts where legislators need to hear from their constituents.

We don't have a lot of time, and we have an uphill battle. Please join with us today to protect the people of California. 


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As the telecoms roll out their dangerous wireless technology in California, ART is ready to assist local grassroots groups with professional communication tools, strategic recommendations and professional lobbying services at no cost. 

Our ability to continue to meet the increasing demand for our materials and expertise will depend on our financial ability to do so. Help us fight back against this massive telecom power grab.  Please consider a generous contribution to ART today.

Thank you!