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California Action Alert - May/June 2023

The citizens of California need your letter to help stop two really bad bills from steamrolling through the legislature.

And you don't have to be from California to help!

AB 965 allows wireless companies to dump up to 50 antenna applications on local governments at once, creating unreasonable and unnecessary permitting obligations. Ask for a NO vote.

AB 1065 allows wireless companies to access state and federal funds intended to provide high quality wired broadband services to underserved communities. Ask for a NO vote!

Please feel free to copy and paste some or all of the points below in your letter, but
please make it your own!  Send to your state representatives and their legislative directors! (That's important!)


Find your California Legislator

Download a list of legislative directors


  • AB 965 places unrealistic obligations on local governments to approve large batches of antenna applications quickly, or else have them "deemed approved."

  • AB 965 will hinder local government’s efforts to protect public health and safety by forcing local officials to rush through dozens of applications.

  • AB 965 is unnecessary. The FCC has already established shot clocks and local governments have already been working collaboratively with the industry and have improved processes while maintaining important local safeguards.

  • AB 965 will result in many more small cell antennas near homes, schools, and parks, emitting harmful radiation 24/7 whether you use the service or not!



  • AB 1065 will allow wireless companies to compete for our tax dollars that were reserved for "high quality" broadband service. Wireless broadband is not high quality!

  • AB 1065 will not solve the Digital Divide. Instead it will perpetuate it, because wireless broadband is a second-rate service that's slow, unreliable, expensive and hazardous. 

  • AB 1065 will mean more antennas negatively impacting property values and undermining climate goals, since wireless connections use much more energy than wired connections.

  • AB 1065 allows wireless companies to use federal and state funds to line their own pockets. 

VOTE NO ON 1065!

Personal letters and phone calls make all the difference in Sacramento.
Please send your letters to your own state representatives and their legislative directors

Subject Line: "Please Vote NO on AB 965 and AB 1065"

Thank you, thank you for your help in stopping this bad legislation. 

- The ART Team and our friends in California :-)

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