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'I Get Dizzy and Nauseous' - 12 Year-Old Pleads for City to Turn Off Cell Tower Near Home


"Hi. My name is Amelia, I am 12 years old, and I thank you for letting me speak tonight.

I have called into open comments during Pittsfield City Council meetings before. I have let the Mayor and the City Council know that my sister and I have been experiencing symptoms since the cell tower in my neighborhood was turned on. I get dizzy and nauseous, and sleep with a vomiting bucket near my bed. My sister gets headaches and skin rashes. We both have trouble sleeping. Before Christmas, my little sister had really bad days. The radio frequency radiation in her room measured higher than it ever had. Her symptoms were so bad just from being in her room that my parents had to take her bed out and put it in a room farther away from the tower.

During the holiday, neighbors came by and told us how they were feeling. Some people live even closer to the tower than we do. There are children younger than us who live right next to it. We learned some of them have constant ringing in their ears, and others have vertigo and are actually spending time in their car instead of in their home, just to get away from the tower. People who can stay elsewhere have left. But this is not sustainable. And it is no way to live.

We also learned a neighbor was diagnosed with cancer. We don’t want to leave our home, but if we stay, will we get cancer, too? We just don’t know.

I am asking for you to help. When I went to preschool, my teachers taught me if I couldn’t work something out myself, to ask the big people in the room. I have been asking you, the big people for help and no one is helping.

It is a New Year and I hear the city has a campaign to “Bring Back the Joys of Life” and it comes with a renewed commitment to our community health.

Mayor Tyer, I am hoping, as our elected leader and big person that you will please help my neighbors and my family. Please commit to helping us feel safe and healthy at home by turning off the cell tower.

Thank you, your friend, Amelia."

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