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URGENT: Only 24 hours left to stop big telecom in California - make the phones ring in Sacramento!

Tomorrow, July 7th, the California State Assembly Committee on Communications and Conveyance will vote on SB-556, a bill that will accelerate the 5G build-out by severely restricting the ability of local governments to deny permits for 5G antennas.

Before tomorrow, we need you to call as many members of the Committee as you can. If you are calling after normal business hours, please leave a voicemail.

California State Assembly Committee on Communications and Conveyance Miguel Santiago (Chair): 916-319-2053 Jim Patterson (Vice Chair): 916-319-2023 Tasha Boerner Horvath: 916-319-2076 Isaac G. Bryan: 916-319-2054 Sabrina Cervantes: 916-319-2060 Laurie Davies: 916-319-2073 Eduardo Garcia: 916-319-2056 Chris Holden: 916-319-2041 Evan Low 916-319-2028 Sharon Quirk-Silva 916-319-2065 Freddie Rodriguez 916-319-2052 Suzette Martinez Valladares 916-319-2038 Akilah Weber 916-319-2079

Sample SB-556 Caller Script and Fact Sheet:

Hello, My name is _______ and I am a California resident. I am calling to express my strong opposition to SB-556 which will be considered by the Committee on Communications and Conveyance tomorrow, July 7th. SB-556 undermines local control over the siting of wireless antennas in public rights-of-way, does absolutely nothing to address the digital divide, and tips the scale in favor of giant wireless corporations over the interests of Californians. Please log my strong opposition to this bill. Thank you!


HEADS UP: The Senate Governance and Finance Committee will meet this Thursday, July 8th to decide the fate of AB-537, another telecom-sponsored 5G bill. The members of the Committee are:

Mike McGuire: 916-651-4002

Jim Nielsen: 916-651-4004

Maria Elena Durazo: 916-651-4024

Robert Hertzberg: 916-651-4018

Scott Wiener: 916-651-4011

Please consider making additional calls to these offices to register your strong objections to AB-537. Learn more about the bill here.

For more details on voicing your objections to both SB-556 and AB-537, click here.

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