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Welcome to ART - a national coalition of grassroots organizations using the latest science to support the deployment of safe, economical and future-proof wired technology and promoting equitable access to technologies that benefit society and protect the health, safety, security, privacy and property of all Americans. 

“We’re kind of flying blind [with 5G] here, so far as health and safety is concerned.

            -U. S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT)

Who should decide how we integrate new technologies into our communities, especially technologies that may be hazardous?

Should it be telecoms, whose primary  responsibility is to shareholders?

Or should it be our local elected officials, who know our communities and whose primary responsibility is the health, safety, privacy, security and well-being of citizens?

Stop the 5G Rollout
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The ART tool kit contains sample letters, flyers, municipal codes, rally signs and more, ready to download and help you advocate for wired solutions

Public Demonstration
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Today's school classrooms are hotbeds of wireless radiation. Our new TechSafe Schools program offers an opportunity for parents to help reduce classroom exposures to RF radiation. 

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