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Here are some flyers we've been using to illustrate our arguments to legislators and their staff members. Feel free to use any of the text in these flyer for your own letters and emails. 

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NIH study pic.png
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No Reward flyer pic.png
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Ignoring Science for Profit
           (PDF)          (Word Doc)

The Telecom's Con 
         (PDF)          (Word Doc)

The End of Local Control 
         (PDF)          (Word Doc)

The Environment and 5G
         (PDF)          (Word Doc)

Where is the fiber optic broadband we paid for? 
         (PDF)          (Word Doc)

The Digital Divide
         (PDF)          (Word Doc)

Here (below) are six Op-Eds written by various members of our core advocacy group. Feel free to borrow from these documents to create your own Letter to the Editor. Keep in mind that most newspaper editors want letters to be in the 200-300 word range, rather than these documents which are more detailed. 

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