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The New Technologies Legal Forum

A series of free webinars for legal professionals, law students and the public


Hosted by Attorney Julian Gresser

Technology advances at lightning speed in multiple directions simultaneously. In response, the wheels of government turn slowly, often impeded by the  purveyors of new technologies who resist any attempts at regulation. So it is no surprise that we are often finding ourselves in uncharted waters when it comes to the legal challenges posed by the implementation of new technologies. 

This series of webinars is designed to present and discuss some of the more pressing legal issues currently found at the nexus of technology and law. 


The Webinar Series

#1 Wednesday, July 14: Protecting the Heavens: The legal implications of the race to deploy tens of thousands of new communications satellites in space. 

#2 Wednesday August 11: The FDA and the FCC: The role of the FDA in setting standards for radiofrequency radiation (RFR) exposure, and legal challenges to the FDA’s process and the FCC’s RFR exposure guidelines.

#3 Wednesday September 15: Legal Challenges to the FCC’s OTARD rule: How does the FCC’s recent decision on OTARD impact property and personal rights? What options exist for homeowners and local governments?

#4 Wednesday October 13: The ADA and new technologies: How are people with disabilities protected by federal law when it comes to exposure to new technologies? What precautions should local governments take in their zoning regulations?

#5 Wednesday November 10: Wireless Radiation in Schools: The legal implications of exposing school children, teachers and staff to chronic high levels of RFR.

#6 Wednesday, December 15: Privacy in the Digital Age: How do current privacy laws protect, or fail to protect, consumers?

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This webinar series is hosted by renowned international attorney and professional negotiator Julian Gresser, twice Mitsubishi Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School and former visiting professor at MIT’s Program on Science, Technology, and Society. Mr. Gresser will be joined by prominent legal and technology experts to discuss the issues in the series. 

The series is jointly sponsored by Americans for Responsible Technology and the Broadband International Legal Action Network. 

All webinars take place at 1:00 pm Eastern time. Webinars are free and open to the public.

Registration is required.