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What You Can Do About HR 3557
and other ill-conceived telecom-sponsored bills

Call or email your own federal legislators and tell them to vote NO on 3557 and other telecom-sponsored bills that take away our freedom!


Sample script for phone calls


Advocate's flyer


Legislative fact sheet


Get some inspiration for your phone call or email from these important organizations: 

U. S. Conference of Mayors

National League of Cities

National Association of Counties

Alliance for Community Media

Sample Municipal Resolution

More talking (or writing) points:


• HR 3557 is a "pre-emption" bill - a federal takeover of local government's legitimate role in protecting public safety and responsibly managing the deployment of wireless infrastructure in their communities.  

• HR 3557 infringes the rights of individuals and local elected officials by forcing quick decisions and cutting out public involvement.

• HR 3557 allows wireless companies to ignore critical environmental and historical preservation laws meant to protect everyone. 

• HR 3557 will not close the digital divide. Instead it will exacerbate and perpetrate it by creating two classes of broadband users; those with wired connections and those stuck with wireless

Learn more about HR 3557 and other telecom-sponsored bills. 


Please call or email your federal representatives today
and ask them to vote NO on HR 3557 and other bad telecom bills!

For a list of legislative directors for Committee members who will be voting on this and other telecom-sponsored bills please click here. 
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