The 5G Activist Tool Kit

Sample 5G Code pic.jpg

Sample Municipal Code

Talking to the Press Q&A.png

Detailed Talking Points

Parents have a right.png

Sample Rally Signs

Basic 5G flyer.png

Basic 5G Info Flyer

Sample State Law - 

5G Commission


Pole Warning Sign

OTARD neighbor letter.png

OTARD Neighbor Letter

OTARD Pledge.png

Neighborhood Antenna Pledge

Rally Signs

(click on the image for a 18 X 24 ready-to-print sign)

Parents have the Right - anetnna.png
Broadband Fiber.jpg
Keep 5G Out.png
We Believe 2.png
5G Not for Me.png
No Smal Cells 2.png
Small Cells Not Safe 2.png
No 5G sign.png
Stop Involuntary Exposure - red.png

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