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This is a big battle. We're up against some of the biggest corporate giants in the world. They have unlimited funding and plenty of lobbyists. But they don't have you!

California legislators respond to citizen action, but only when it is focused, organized, respectful, and informed. With your help and the help of our professional advisors in Sacramento, we can beat the telecoms. Here's how you can help. 

1. Learn about the issues. The bills pending in Sacramento are targeted to very specific actions that will expand the power of telecoms and increase the proliferation of wireless infrastructure in California. It’s important that you become informed about the specifics of these bills, and the most effective arguments against them so you'll be ready to speak to legislators.  Read the talking points

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2. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Most people have no idea what’s going on in Sacramento or what the telecoms are planning. Please tell them about our efforts here in California, show them our videos and encourage them to visit this website and support our campaign! 

We’ve prepared flyers, pamphlets and brochures to help you. Please take advantage of them.

3. Write to your local paper and speak up at public meetings. If you have a local papers, use one of our templates to submit a letter to the editor. And go to your next public government meeting and talk about the issue during "public comment" time. See our tool box for much more information. 

3. Let us know where you live. Hyper local action is a critical part of our game plan. Please add your name to our California contact list so that we know which political district you live in, and we can let you know when your legislator needs to hear from you.  (We will never share your information with anyone else for any reason). Also consider joining one of the many California organizations that are part of the ART network.

4. Please contribute what you can. We need to win this fight and professional political campaigns cost money. While the principals of ART serve without compensation, our consultants and staff members deserve to be paid and there are other expenses involved. Also consider the cost of losing: telecoms will decide where to put their antennas, not your local elected officials!     

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