Our Response to President Trump's Statement on the

National Strategy to Secure 5G

Recently, President Donald Trump announced his vision for America to "lead the development, deployment, and management of secure and reliable 5G communications infrastructure." This gift to the wireless telecommunications industry – to use the levers of government to advance the interests of private companies – comes just as the nation is preoccupied with COVID-19. 

National Strategy pic.png

While the President acknowledges that the widespread deployment of 5G will make us all vulnerable to "those with nefarious motives," he fails to acknowledge the serious and unresolved problems that plague all wireless networks: proven health risks, privacy and security issues, declines in property values and uninsured industry liability.


The relentless push by wireless companies to deploy their massive 4G and 5G networks and vastly increase our exposure to radio-frequency microwave radiation ("wireless radiation") with no evidence of safety puts all Americans at risk.

A study of exposure to wireless radiation from cell towers by the prestigious Ramazzini Institute found an increased incidence of brain and heart tumors in lab animals.[1] A National Toxicology Program $30-million-dollar study found "clear evidence" of increased incidence of cancer and DNA breaks from exposure to wireless radiation in cell phones,[2] while researchers at Yale have documented abnormal brain development in the offspring of exposed animals.[3] Studies of millimeter waves used for 5G have shown permanent tissue damage even from short exposures.[4] Thousands of other independent studies corroborate these findings.

As a result, insurance companies have refused to underwrite wireless companies for personal injury claims. Homeowners living near "small cell" wireless antenna installations have seen significant drops in property values. And many Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about enhanced opportunities for widespread surveillance afforded by the build-out of the massive 4G/5G "small cell" infrastructure. 


We are on the wrong track with 5G. Instead of spending taxpayer dollars to attempt to "secure" an inherently vulnerable and trouble-plagued system, we should instead be building out and securing our wired infrastructure, promoting fiber-to-the-premises, and keeping all Americans safe in the process.  


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A guide to Independent Studies on Wireless Radiation and Human Health can be found here.